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By Ronald van Belzen | May 7, 2018

I was a satisfied user of the Mollom module, but unfortunately nothing lasts forever, and about a year ago it was announced that the service would be discontinued. Not long ago the moment arrived and my site was hit by spam. It was time to look for an alternative for Mollom.

Jeff Geerling wrote quite a good article in which he found his replacement for Mollom: CleanTalk. It is not free, but relative cheap. According to Jeff it has some restrictions but it fulfills his requirements and works like a charm.

Personally, I have been a years long follower of the StopForumSpam site and did remember the existence of the SpamBot module for Drupal 7, that has been ported to Drupal 8 (and is still in beta, but it works). The only restriction of the SpamBot module is that it is designed to stop spammers from registering  and nothing more. The drupal 7 version can also report spammers (the port to Drupal 8 is missing the latter functionality), but it certainly is not a full replacement for Mollom. However, something is better than nothing, so I gave it a try.

Together with the Honeypot module and the Captcha module it is quite effective, so I cannot complain. But, as is so often the case, I want more. Like: being able to block spammers/spambots from posting content and comments (and the ability to report the spammers that get through to StopForumSpam). Maybe I can develop that myself. If I would manage to include blocking spam to Webform I think that would be a decent alternative for Mollom. Maybe it is not even that hard to do.

So, I decided to find out, and keep you posted of my progress.